Zombie geography

this kickstarter project is essential for our middle schoolers to be prepared. Consider funding!

zombie based learning geography taught in zombie-apocalypse

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Bio gas generator

I wonder what would happen if you filled it with zombies. Assuming you could make a one-way chute to keep them inside, as they decompose, would the create methane to fuel your stove? Because of the zombie virus, you should probably avoid using the sludge portion on your garden….


DIY biogas generator

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It’s important to have various kits in different sizes. The smallest should be “pocket” sized (because of the propensity of men making these, it refers to a kit the size of a man’s shirt pocket, stupid). Here is one I put together for a recent contest on another site.

Zombie apocalypse PSK (pocket survival kit)


I will say briefly that I am a SAHM, rarely more than 10 miles from my house, and when I am out, I usually have my 16 month old with me. Because I have yet to figure out how to get a diaper, two wipes, and a bag of cherios into an altoids tin, this PSK really is an “emergency only” kit. It contains what I consider to be the essentials that I probably won’t be able to find in suburban trash cans, but need to survive the alien/zombie apocalypse long enough to get home. If I were to try and create a kit for all of the everyday “emergencies” we encounter, I would be carrying a diaper bag of gear. Which I often do.

Also, please know that even though I reference zombies almost exclusively in my descriptions, I know full well that there are other uses, and I am, infact, quite serious about this as a real survival tool. Humor helps me maintain sanity.

Contents (in no particular order)

Mores code mini chart, and our family’s secret code on the back because the aliens may know Mores code.
Illustrated knots because I need visual reference.
8 yards of monofilament to be used as a trip wire, or catching fish since fish are immune to the zombie virus.
A twist tie to hold small things together.
Assorted safety pins to make into fish hooks, or pin scrap fabric together to make shelter, or fix any unsightly holes you may acquire from running away from the invaders.
Matches and a strike pad to start zombie bonfires – the best way to make sure they never come back….
2 band aids to keep cuts from getting infected.
2 alcohol wipes for the same reason.
Needle and thread for the obvious reasons.
Mini Swiss army knife with blade, scissors, tweezers, toothpick, nail file, and flat head screwdriver. I have had this since high school. I added the eyeglass screwdriver a while back. This is the only thing I have ever needed to pull out and use so far.
Water purifying tables – just enough to get you home or anouther verified clean water source.
A plastic bag. you can pop it over your head to keep the rain off, or over the zombie’s head to create a bit of confusion to escape.
Mini led flashlight to “be a light in dark places when all other light goes out”. I’m also a bit of a nerd.
A tampon. Gentlemen, you have no idea what it’s like to need one of these and not have one. However, they also make fantastic, super-absorbent, ultra compact, economical wound dressings. Or fire starting tinder (see the note under matches above).
Small metallic signaling disks.
A piece of gum. It calms me to chew on something, and zombies are adverse to peppermint. I assume there are other uses as well.
2 razor blades. I find myself constantly looking for and using single sided razor blades around the house, so I can’t imagine trying to escape the zombie hordes without one.
3 rubber bands hold the tin together (not necessary, but a useful way to carry them), and can be used to create an emergency slingshot. Bam!


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Practice makes perfect

I think all these zombie-oriented games are being planted by the scientists making zombies in the lab to give the savvy a chance to prepare before they unleash their unholy creations into the world.


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Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie An Effective, Low-Cost Solution To Combating Mind-Control

here is an excellent site devoted to making aluminum hats! Save yourself from the mind numbing thought control of the pre-invasion! Make one now.

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The CDC has a zombie preparedness blog. Just incase you need further proof that even those high up in government know this is coming….

CDC site

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Union Wood Company has vintage explosion proof shades from WWII. Given that they have made it thus far, they will be perfect for the times when the alien invaders launch our own atomic missels at us. We may not survive the radiation (need to work on that point), but there will still be light!


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T-shirt dust mask

Found this article to be incredibly useful.


Just remember where your scissors are!

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