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Anti-Zombie bacon?


Image courtesy of Seatle Weekly Blog

Being vegetarians, we don’t often have bacon laying around. In the future, when all meat has been contaminated with the zombie virus, you too may be forced to give up your love of the crunchy, salty, goodness. Or you could try out this recipe for vegan bacon. It isn’t the same as you are used to, but it is guaranteed to be zombie free!

Here’s anouther option, using eggplant



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Earth oven


here is a book so that you can build a bread baking oven. I’m sure non-timber fuel could be used if needed.

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Cooking with Sour Milk


to make soured milk

Found this article for using sour milk. Of course, if there is no longer refrigeration, (because the aliens have taken control of the power grid in an attempt to squash the zombie uprising) you will need to act fast on sour milk acquisition. On the other hand, if, as you travel across the country to your safe harbor you come across an abandoned home with some milk, it’s good to know how to utilize this source of protein.

It’s always good to test things out before an emergency. If you want to wait for it to naturally spoil, I’ve found that letting it expire slightly in the fridge works. To test if it is ready, simply try adding it to your tea in the morning. If it curdles, it’s good to go! If not, happy tea drinking.

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Beautiful food saving


In the world after TSHTF, we may find ourselves without the modern conveniences of electricity and refrigerators. Until someone cobbles together an awesome steampunk refrigerator, this will have to do.

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