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Practice makes perfect

I think all these zombie-oriented games are being planted by the scientists making zombies in the lab to give the savvy a chance to prepare before they unleash their unholy creations into the world.


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Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie An Effective, Low-Cost Solution To Combating Mind-Control

here is an excellent site devoted to making aluminum hats! Save yourself from the mind numbing thought control of the pre-invasion! Make one now.

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Alien bug


this is how I expect the aliens will travel once they reach earth!

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Two books worth finding

books are an essential part of cultural identity. It may be necesary to preserve that, remember where we came from, or simply be entertained while holding back the legions of undead.

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Camo clothing

While researching whether it will be important to wear camouflage with zombie forces out and about, I ran across this site. Lots of useful information.

Sight: due to degradation of their corneas, zombies suffer from severe myopia. In addition, they are colorblind.

Hearing: zombies go deaf within a few weeks of transformation. Efforts to rehabilitate them through ASL training have thus far proved unsuccessful.

Smell: zombies have even more receptor cells than vampires. If the wind is right, zombies can smell humans from as far as several miles away.

So, disguising our scent is more important it seems. I’ll be looking into what that means later.

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