Nomad chair backpack


A multi-purpose device from artist/creator Bjarke Frederiksen. Contact him now, as I can’t find them for sale anywhere….

The Nordic Nomad Chair



I see endless possibilities.


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Save those building blocks!


A company has built a wall of legos.



A bridge could be handy.

After one and a quarter hours Wolfgang Rieder… and Thomas Balgheim, coworkers of a management consultation agency… with 530 assistants,… built the longest accessible bridge of the world, made of 120000 Lego parts in the Ungerer baths.

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Zombie killer knives

You’ll need a knife in your kit. Possibly two. Fortunately, the folks at the knife center can help you out. Check out the very cool, green handled Zombie Killer chop stick machete!


“In an ever-changing world, the need for preparedness has never been greater. Without notice the game can change and the rules no longer apply.

Questioning your gear at a crucial moment is not an option. Whether setting up camp or securing your perimeter, ZK knives are designed to perform under the most rigorous, unexpected and apocalyptic situations.

Are you prepared?”

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Anti-Zombie bacon?


Image courtesy of Seatle Weekly Blog

Being vegetarians, we don’t often have bacon laying around. In the future, when all meat has been contaminated with the zombie virus, you too may be forced to give up your love of the crunchy, salty, goodness. Or you could try out this recipe for vegan bacon. It isn’t the same as you are used to, but it is guaranteed to be zombie free!

Here’s anouther option, using eggplant



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From the mixed up mind of Warren Ellis, or rather Ariana. A bag for your stuff.



Earth and space apps.


This is slightly off-topic, but it could be useful incase, you know, the ZA doesn’t happen before Dec….

App available here.

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Earth oven


here is a book so that you can build a bread baking oven. I’m sure non-timber fuel could be used if needed.

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DIY tent

If you don’t have a backpack, tent, tarp, etc…. You can make one!. Or you can repair one that needs “a little love”.


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Light saber candlestick holder


Candles are always a good idea to have around, so stock up on candle stick holders for when the lights go out!

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